LoveLight is celebrating 15 Years
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Our Mission

LoveLight empowers leadership, hope and education for the youth of South Africa through the cross-transformational experience that comes from being of service, co-creating global oneness.

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This video is about why we go to South Africa and what we do there.

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Responding to the AIDS orphan crisis in South Africa

LoveLight is a global outreach program created in 2003 initially to support the children and grandmothers of the AIDS orphan crisis in South Africa. It has become a leader in relationships with nonprofit organizations on the ground in South Africa in support of cross-transformation and sustainable assistance. LoveLight is a project of The Light Center, established in 1995.

What Does LoveLight Do?

  • Support camps based on the Youth of Unity model that transform their self-esteem, teamwork, trust, and hearts.
  • Supporting the children through the caregivers—often the grandmothers or community.
  • Training and support for volunteers to go to South Africa.
  • Connecting through South African NPO’s supporting sustainable futures for the children.
  • Cross-transformation, sharing the truth that we are all teachers and learners.
  • Seeing everyone as whole and perfect without a need to rescue or fix.

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