International Youth Ambassador – Frequently Asked Question

Volunteer Manual


Application Questions:

Do I choose the sponsor or is there someone specific I should put on application?

For the application, we are looking for your Y.O.U. sponsor, as they know you well and would speak to their experience of being your sponsor.

Are there requirements on service hours or rallies I attend?

The only requirement is that you have attended at least one IYOU rally. The application provides the opportunity for you to give more information about rallies and volunteer hours to give us a better sense of your experience, but it is not required. Use N/A to indicate none.

About the Trip:

How long does it take to get to South Africa?

On average from the time you leave your home till you arrive (at the bed and breakfast, home or hotel in Cape Town) it will take 24 to 36 hours.  The longest flight can be around 18 hours and includes a stop for fuel for an hour where you cannot exit the plane.  Other flights will have a couple of stops and possibly changes in plane. 

Who will be leading this trip?

LoveLight will provide sponsors for the trip.  LoveLight has been taking volunteers to South Africa for 10 years and has experience in the culture, safety, places to stay, healthy food and connections to communities that will support you throughout the trip.

Where will we stay?

Volunteers with LoveLight will stay in any of the following accommodations: bed and breakfast, hotel, homes, cabin, teepee (at a camp site) depending on the circumstances of the volunteering trip.

What is the food like?

The food is very good in Cape Town.  There are some things that you may not get in the US but on the whole it is similar.  The food in rural towns is not as gourmet as in Cape Town but with several restaurants in town there is good food.  In the opinion of most of our volunteers, the quality of food is above average and made fresh.


About the Money:

Are there requirements for how I raise the money?

There are no requirements on how the funds are raised.  There is a “pay it forward” request.   As you raise funds for the purpose of your own travel, when and if you receive more than you need, that the additional funds be given to the International Youth Ambassador program to help pay for the scholarship of the next to be able to go.  This helps support the program and gives other Y.O.U.ers the same opportunities that you are given. 

When is money due?

Once you are chosen as one of the International Youth Ambassadors, a $300 deposit will be due on September 15, 2017. Full payment of airfare will be due on December 1, 2017.

When will we know the final cost of travel?

Travel arrangements will be made by LoveLight and will be based on the best travel prices available.  Tickets will be purchased through and by LoveLight and all participants will travel together for the longest leg from the US to South Africa.  Depending on location in the US, there may be a flight by yourself to get to our international departure flight location (usually Washington Dulles Airport).

More Opportunities:

Is there an opportunity like this for next year if I don’t make it this year?

LoveLight has committed to taking two I.Y.O.U.ers to South Africa this year.  There are no commitments as of yet for next year but it is our intention and hope to continue.  

Are there any other opportunities like this?

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