Echoes of the Ancestors

When I sit quietly in RSE at the foot of the beautiful mountain range, in which we are told the Khoi San Bushmen trained their Shamans, I am humbled. Could you or I survive barefoot, walking in those wild hills even without the big animals that once roamed free there? Our early hunter gatherer ancestors who were the first humans on Earth, had abilities of telepathy far beyond our own and walked with deep connection to all of Nature. Where has that deep reverence for Earth gone, as we continue to use up her resources without regard for the future of our habitat?

I know I have been called here to this particular place for a purpose and so year after year I listen for guidance. I sit with a stone that was found near here and was gifted to me by a good friend. We believe it was an implement used by the original people of this area and I hold it to tune in to their messages to us. How easy it would be if they could just text me, but alas the only way is quiet concentration. It is our goal now to learn to live the ways of Ubuntu, holding the life purpose of each of us as a precious gift for the good of us all. As well meaning colonizers, missionaries and settlers moved into every corner of the Earth, the original people lost their names, languages, customs and unique abilities to live in harmony and balance with their surroundings. That cannot be restored to them but perhaps we can all become more mindful of their tremendous respect for the land and all who dwell here.

No one asked me to come here. Many projects I have initiated have falled in the dust or still remain in the realm of dreams. I know now that I cannot do anything to help, fix or change this little town or its people. There is a great deal of addiction that has taken control of many lives. Many people have lost all motivation to do anything but sit. There are many disease conditions that run rampant. I cannot change any of these. I can create big ideas but it is not mine to do. All I can see to do is to role model other ways of being and ideas for doing. The rest is out of my hands. Perhaps that is enough. I hope that everything I do is informed by an ancient model of being harmonious with the Earth. That alone is a tall order. For this day it is my goal to walk in peace with an open heart and to allow perfect love to flow through and do its work, listening within for the voices of the past.

Step lightly today on this good Earth,