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I am finding it to be a challenge to put 2 ½ months in South Africa into words much less the exciting changes happening at The Light Center.  I want to express my deepest gratitude to so many people who stepped in to operate and tend TLC in my absence.  I decided I was having a sabbatical which is something I have wanted to do for such a long time.  It is very good to have the perspective of what we are doing in Kansas from clear across the planet, in what feels like a very different world in some ways.  In other ways it feels like HOME!  While I continue to be acutely aware that I have no idea what it was like to live under apartheid,  I find myself being welcomed and embraced by my South African families, across all color lines.  As the world churns and the challenges mount, I believe there is a great value in connecting deeply with one another and learning how we can support each other to succeed. We did many things in South Africa this trip, it can’t fit into one letter but suffice it to say that I will be forever grateful for the transformative power of this work.  Thanks to everyone who made this possible!




Took a group of young leaders to the Global Alliance for Departments of Peace in Cape Town



Maura and Robin stood with the grandmothers at the UN Summit on Climate Change in Durban nge




Bukeka shared the magic of her music and presence inspiring so many youth!

What an amazing trip this was.  All of us had tears in our eyes almost daily…tears of heartache yes, but also tears of awe and wonder.  Spirit brought us to the right people and places in the most amazing ways and we were so blessed by that gracious guidance.  But perhaps more often those tears arose from the deep heart connection we felt with the beautiful African people.  They exhibit generosity even from a space of limited resources.  It is a way of life that teaches us so much that I believe is important for us as Americans to learn.  A friend recently said,” I see that you have turned your focus to Africa now…” and I can understand how if seems that way since I have been writing from South Africa for several months.  However, I see my work to be the same here in Kansas as in South Africa.  Africa presents such a foreshadowing of many conditions we may see more in the U.S. now.  We complain when gas prices rise but they have always paid much more than we do.  We complain if temperatures fall indoors when it is cold outside, but in S.A. the houses don’t have furnaces.  Electric prices have gone up dramatically there and people are so much more careful and conscious of energy use.  All across that massive continent there is an awareness that Africa is burning and fresh water is at a premium.  And so I continue to go there to stay awake and aware of a drastically changing world.

And so I continue my commitment to steward one small piece of the planet that is undisturbed by humanity and provides a wonderful habitat.  As our small community comes together at TLC, we will continue to listen to Mother Earth and discern the best ways to preserve just this much so that our children and grandchildren may experience the wonders of Nature.  We are learning to grow food, grow food animals and to grow a heart-centered community. Currently we are seeking the perfect people to join our community or to be “time share” members who come and go.  We could not do what we do without the on-going love and support of every kind that you contribute to this big adventure in the woods.  Do come join in the magic!  Wherever you go, however you play your part in this great rebirth on planet earth, please join us in holding  the Light of Hope every step of the way…it is why we are here!  I believe it matters,


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