Robin’s Wish

DSCN2675Blank225These are amazing times on this little planet spinning through space.  There are times that it seems rather incredible to be traveling back and forth to South Africa, when life can be challenging in America.  My answer to why go so far to offer service is that we in America do not know the devastation of a massive pandemic like HIV/AIDS.  That pandemic has been raging out of control for 30 years now and we as an advanced, intelligent species do not have a handle on it yet.  So while we are riding waves of change here in the U.S, we do not have millions of children living without parents or adequate adult support.  That is a situation that defies my comprehension, when we have so much advanced technology and spend so very much money on movie stars and football heroes.  Things seem to be way out of balance and perhaps that is what we are all experiencing now…the state of inequality in the world shifting back into balance.

It is my wish to make my choices daily to be a force for change and to speak my truth as clearly as I can.  When I see things that do not seem right, I must claim truth and justice, as I understand it.  That is something each one of us can do.  Some of us need to travel into other countries to witness the state of our human family’s condition.  It is then our responsibility to bring that awareness back to as many people as we can.  It is a time of waking up in America and part of that is to become more aware of the acute distress of our brothers and sisters in so many parts of the world.   Not all of us can or will travel across the planet to South Africa but we can all open our hearts to the situation and do whatever we can from right here at home.

If you want to be involved in LOVELIGHT there areScreen Shot 2012-10-03 at 10.12.28 AM many ways you can do so. People are stepping up to help with grant writing, fundraising, volunteer organization and making lovely creative gifts to send to the grandmothers to convey our support.  School age children are getting involved with projects.  The prayer aprons and lovely handmade shawls we have carried personally to the gogos have touched them deeply.  It is a small thing but at the same time a huge thing to say, “I have heard your story and I care.”

Like Mother Theresa said we don’t do great things, we do small things with great love.

With much gratitude for your on-going love and support for this amazing work,

Robin Goff